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Article: What are the effective aids for putting a newborn to sleep?

Aké sú efektívne pomôcky pre uspanie novorodenca?

What are the effective aids for putting a newborn to sleep?

There are several aids as well as products that can help in effectively putting a newborn to sleep:

  • Suspended cradle - the baby was used to being constantly in motion in the mother's belly, often spinning right next to the rocking. Suspended cradles, such as homba® baby, are a great choice for a newborn, because they can imitate movements like "in the mother's tummy" to induce pleasant feelings and help the baby latch on.

  • White noise - sound stimuli can help the baby fall asleep by creating smooth, monotonous sounds that mimic the sounds in the mother's belly, the so-called. white noise. These sounds can be the sound of nature, such as the sound of the forest, the sound of the wind, the sound of a vacuum cleaner, the sound of a hair dryer, or simply white noise, for which there are many mobile applications, or you can find it on youtube.

  • Nightlights - Nightlights can help a child calm down and fall asleep. They help to create a pleasant environment in the child's room and allow the child to see around him in case he wakes up at night.

  • Newborn Pillows - Newborn pillows that are wedge-shaped and made of soft material can help support the proper position of the baby's head and neck while sleeping.

  • Wrapping the newborn - The newborn is not yet fully aware that he is in the world and since he was used to a small space in the belly, wrapping the newborn in a blanket or swaddler can lead to calming, soothing and easier falling asleep.

It is important to remember that every child is different and what works for one child may not work for another. It is therefore important to try different products and methods and find the one that works best for your baby .

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